wohnzimmer wandfarbe vanille

wohnzimmer wandfarbe vanille

hello and welcome to todd's kitchen. before i start this video as promised on my facebook and twitter accounts today i have a huge announcement. now for the last few weeks i have been building a new channel for which im sure you're going to get allot of good information out of and this channel is home handy hints. there are going to be hints from the kitchen, the lounge room to the bathroom to the garden, all over the house. all the way from making cheap cleaningproducts that contain no harsh chemicals all the way to taking care of pests in the garden. so i have been hard at work making

new videos for this other channel and there will be three videos every week. every monday, wednesday and saturday. of course if you missed these announcements the links to my facebook and twitter accounts are down below in the description so please join up and say hello. and now on todays video. last week i made white chocolate. and ever since i made the white chocolate everyone has been asking me to make dark chocolate. so join me today as i make the proper version and the delicious version of dark chocolate. so i am going to start by showing you the main ingredient and that is our cocoa butter. now this is the same stuff i showed you last week when i made white chocolate

now if you happen to miss that white chocolate video i will leave a link down below just so you can check it out. now you can't but cocoa butter in every shop. i was able to buy this from a health food store. but if your health food store doesn't carry it just google it and i'm sure you will find a stockist. i am going to use what's called adouble boiler so i have a pot of hot water on the stove and to that im going to place on a bowl and make sure the water is low enough so it doesn't touch the bottom of the bowl.

other wise you could burn the chocolate so into this bowl place in our cocoa butter then mix it around until its completely melted now that its melted we are going to pour in a little vanilla extract now at this point you can add some sugar to sweeten it up but to make it a little bit healthier i'm going to add some honey. mix it around until its well combined. and finally add in our dark

cocoa powder now mix it through until its well combined and completely dissolved as a tip it is very important that you don't use a wooden spoon. reason being if there is any moisture in the spoon what it will do is spoil the chocolate and you will have to start all over again because you can't get any water in it. once it is nice and glossy like this just simply take it of the heat. so for this final step i'm going to use a plastic mould. now this mould has a chocolate bar section so what what i'm going to use for the dark chocolate. so its just a simple matter of grabbing our dark chocolate

and pour it right in and were just gonna just even it out so its in there properly and give it a quick jiggle to remove the air. so what we are going to do is just leave this and let it sit here for about an hour or so just until it starts to harden up because we don't want it to harden up to fast then place it into the fridge for another hour to completely set. so i have just taken it out of the fridge

im just going to take it out of the mould, it should come out easily and there we have it a lovely lovely block of dark chocolate just look at that it looks fantastic doesn't it and just by using the honey this dark chocolate has turn out just that little bit more healthier

lets give this a try oh thats good thats just good thats is a really really lovely dark chocolate you can't taste the honey but it does at the sweetness to it which goes down perfect and it was just so easy to make and this dark chocolate tastes simply delicious so give it a go because i guarantee if you love dark chocolate then you will this

and if you do make it please put a photo on my facebookpage because i'd love to see it but until then thank you for watching this episode of todd's kitchen a list of ingredients are down below as well as links to my facebook, twitter and google+ pages please do me a huge favour by giving this video a thumbs up leave a comment and subscribe i'll see you next time for another delicious recipe.

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