Monday, December 2, 2019

wohnzimmer und küche kombiniert

wohnzimmer und küche kombiniert

good day to all. my name is julia sheveleva. i am an interior designer. now we are at the isaloni 2018 in milan. this year it is dedicated to the kitchens. here is a separate exhibition eurocucina. leading brands presented their novelties to the furniture plan. now we are at the stand of the nolte factory. this is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchens.

they presented a new design for their models. this season is very popular black color. kitchens were no exception. this model is made in a combination of black and white facades. it looks very laconic and stylish. as a countertops, the kitchens are now using various innovative materials. here you can see traditional nolte handles. they are also made in black. and very organically look with the whole model of the kitchen.

in every modern kitchen there is always an exit to the living room. very often these two rooms are combined with each other. therefore it is very logical, when there is a continuation of the kitchen in the living room area. nolte also made its offer in terms of organization of storage systems, which can be used in the living room. there are drawn out facades where you can put dishes or some things. and organize it very nicely in the tv and sofa area. the trend of the last time is when the built-in hood is in the hob. now a lot of different solutions are offered by factories.

here is built in, in the central part of the hob, here is such an exhaust system. all this goes to the lower base with a special ventilation duct. and it takes everyone to the central exhaust system. this is now very popular. at the moment, a trend combination, when a natural tree is combined with some color. in this case, white is a matte and glossy color. all this looks very nice and stylish. in combination with what other color, more organically fits into the overall concept of the interior. what else is interesting here.

pay attention to the composition of the kitchen and how the built-in appliances are located here. it is here generally withdrawn in a separate pencil case. so do not be afraid to experiment with the arrangement and find some interesting solutions for your kitchen. the benefit of furniture allows you to do this. the trend of the last time in the design of the kitchen, is when almost completely absent handles. but not always like customers such solutions. therefore, the company nolte, you came up with this kind of handle design, which on the one hand is an organic addition to the design, on the other hand a very functional moment, when you can shove your hand and open the cabinet.

another trend. the hob is integrated in the countertop. in this case, we practically do not see it. but here, if you look closely, there are control sensors. so that you can cook food. it is very stylish, practical and convenient. when we do not use the hob, we can cut salad and cook food here. and nothing hinders us here. this is very convenient, especially for a compact kitchen.

what a beautiful kitchen, without modern innovative technology. leading world manufacturers of kitchen appliances are represented in a separate block of the exhibition. here is presented a new oven from grundig, which itself washes itself. companies that deal with household appliances and electronics, too, do not stand still. each year they represent something new and interesting. once every two years, the exhibition eurocucina, on which the leading machinery manufacturers also present novelties. samsung was not an exception. create beautiful interiors yourself or with us.

subscribe to our channel. all bye-bye. until new reviews. shooting and editing - julia sheveleva photo and video - isaloni 2018