Freitag, 4. Januar 2019

offene küche ideen

offene küche ideen

don’t let the limited corner stops you from being fancy. if your kitchen is surrounded by windows in both sides, then probably this idea might work. this is 5 tiny kitchen remodel ideas by number one install extra storage adding the storage does not always mean expanding your kitchen. the area from the floor to the middle section

of the kitchen is usually occupied by kitchen equipment such as stove and sink. you might miss the area on the top, close to the ceiling. install some cabinets on the top as well as the railing stair. it could help you to cut the height gap. since grabbing items from the ceiling cabinets takes time, put the extra equipment only.

number two create rack chandelier among all the cooking equipment, copper and stainless pot take most spaces. instead of hanging them on the precious walls, make some space in the air. the concept is similar to chandelier. set above the dining table, built a ring around the lights with some hooks.

alternate the pot color and see how they turn into unique decorations. measure the height and make sure your guests’ head will not bump the pots. keep in mind that this trick is not suitable for catering properties. number three build copper open shelves built two stories open shelves, using chopper pipe.

add one bar on the bottom to hang mugs and cups. later on, this shelf will be attached to the counter tops. when calculating the size, don’t forget to match your height to the design. the first story should be within your arm reach. the items on the second bar should be within your hand with no or a little tiptoe. number four apply monochromatic look

black could hide the stain and white has the power to brighten the atmosphere. what about the combination of both? you could get what is called monochromatic style. if you know how to pour the tone, it will be a magnificent setting. put black on the cooking area, so the stain could wait a while before cleaning time. set white for the preparation station,

allowing you to cut cleanly. checkered back splash and floor are good complement to the combination. number five put oversized art if you arrange things effectively, there might be a case when you have empty wall. don’t let it show the bare tiles or walls. hang a piece of oversized art.

instead of squeezing the space, it expands the visitors’ view. as the result, you have what looks like spacious kitchen, as well as chic focal point in the room. keep in mind that the effect will stand out only when you have one tone walls, floor and cabinet. that was 5 tiny kitchen remodel ideas you can apply in your own kitchen area.