wandregal schräge wand

wandregal schräge wand

alfer⮠– endless opportunities! today, we’re going to bring some order to bernd’s garage!we’ve done so by making a customised corner shelf unit from aluminium profilesfrom the logikaâ® system. yeah! and now there are also many cleverhook systems from alferâ® and a practical overheadstorage option. bernd has loads of gardening tools,all of which need to be stored somewhere. and this is possible with a practical solution from alferâ®: the x-starâ® utensils supportwith a matching aluminium profile.

first, elena and stephi attach the profilefrom the coaxis⮠system to the wall. practical: it comes with pre-drilled holes. now, simply slide the hook into the groove.the plastic cover strips provide protection against dust and dirt. what’s more, the utensils supports are highly robust, have ahigh load capacity and are extremely easy to use. the gardening tools are stored away in an instantready for use at any time. alfer⮠also offers many other hooks that fit perfectly in the coaxis⮠profiles andhelp to keep the garage tidy. in bernd’s family, everyone rides bikes.these also have to be

stored in the garage. we make this possible with the practicalbicycle holders from alferâ®. let’s get started! the broad product rangeoffers something for all needs: for instance the aluminium bike stand.this can be easily attached to the floor. as aluminium is rust proof and weather resistant,the bike stands are also ideal for outdoor use. and thanks to the rubber-coated finishthe bikes stay on them perfectly. a clever alternative is the bike hookfor walls and ceilings. this enables bikes to be stored withouttaking up too much room.

the aluminium sheet behind them is a stylishway of protecting the wall against dirt. but things get even more practical still: this is a universal bike hook!with enough space for two bikes... ...and if you no longer need it,it can simply be folded to the side. we now have another clever storage idea.and this is not just in any old place but up there, on the ceiling. we have already screwed fourfixing panels to wooden boards. the great thing about this is that the wheelbaselength can be freely selected! stephi now slides the appropriate steelsuspension rod into the groove provided.

note that i’ve already cut these threaded rodsto the desired length using the handsaw. it really is that easy! now all that’s left is to attach the suspension rodsto the fixing panels with an electric screwdriver. our basic frame is now ready. all we still need are the support profiles.these square tubes have bore holes for the suspension rods. simply connectthe rods to the tubes and secure with a wrench. perfect.looks good. a chic and practical storage solution for smalland large items has been created in an instant.

of course, bernd’s car should alsofit in the garage as desired. and to stop it crashing into the items stored,we’re going to install a parking aid, which we’ll make from an aluminium round tube. elena starts by drilling holes in the tubewhile wearing protective glasses. one highly practical feature is that the tubes have a drill alignment groove.this stops the drill from slipping and makes drilling extremely simple.now simply attach the tubes to the floor and the guide profile is ready as a parking aid. now we can tidy up! well done girls! great work.bernd can come in now!

tada! perfect timing!hello. what do you reckon? wow! take a look.amazing! wow, there’s even room for my tyres. and that’s not all! wow, you’ve done a great job. let’s take a look back: the practical solutionsfrom alfer⮠have transformed the cluttered and untidy garage into a brilliantly organised storage space. the home-made corner shelf unit built using aluminium profilesfrom the logika⮠system offers plenty of space for everything that previously just lay around. the clever hook systemscan be used to tidy everything away.

even the many bikes are cleverlystored and easily accessible at all times. even space-saving overheadstorage space has been created. thanks to the chic and clever solutions fromalferâ®, systematic order finally prevails in the previously chaotic garage. and berndcan now park his beloved car in here again. what did we tell you?truly amazing. i love it. a really great job! yeah! brilliant, thank you. hey!

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