kleiderschrank dachschräge ikea

kleiderschrank dachschräge ikea

alfer⮠– endless opportunities! today we’re going to build a staggered shelf unit using aluminium profiles from the logika⮠system. it will be designed to fit perfectly under the stairs. silver aluminium sheets add touches of style while the many clever hook systems and brackets from alfer⮠are highly practical. it’s something that we’re all familiar with: the space under slanted areas like this goes to waste because there are no suitable shelves. and the area ends up looking like this. everything is all over the place. chaos rules! we want to change this! we’ll tidy up the hallway and provide plenty of storage space.

and when we say “we”, we mean: diy expert elena,... …all-rounder stephi …and my little contribution! using the space under slopes is far from easy. but we have a solution: a home-made, customised staggered shelf unit with aluminium profiles from alferâ®. off you go, elena!okay! when sawing aluminium, one thing is important: the right protective clothing! first, we have to cut these profiles to the right length.

elena does so using a mitre saw with an aluminium blade. the uniform hole spacing on all profiles makes it easier to cut them all to the same length. incidentally, aluminium has many benefits: it does not rust and is extremely light but still sturdy. we use angle and u-profiles from the logikaâ® system to construct the frame for our staggered shelf unit. the process is simple: push the screws and nuts through the desired holes and tighten with a ratchet. the distance between the holes on each profile is 25 millimetres. this means you can always tell where to put the screws and the shelves are guaranteed to be straight afterwards. when screwing the logikaâ® profiles together, you should ideally tighten the nuts with a wrench.

this makes sure the profiles are rock solid. our shelf is ready! elena and stephi used the same profiles to construct the bottom section of our staggered shelf unit - as a perfect fit for the alcove under the stairs. incidentally: plastic shelf feet can be easily pushed into the profiles to stop them scratching the floor. now simply add a shelf plank and the first level is complete. such shelf planks can also be bought from a diy store where they can be cut to length for you. now it’s time to add our top piece! this creates the second level. the clever bit: you can freely select the height between the pieces.

all fixed! a u-profile is used to complete the bracket for the shelf. now just screw on... ...and we’re done. the staggered shelf unit fits perfectly and makes optimum use of the space under the stairs. we followed the same principle to construct two more shelf units: one large and one small. the large one transforms our two-tier shelf unit into a three-tiered one! if you want, you can also screw the two shelf units together. the small shelf unit fits in the corner by the radiator. it hides the pipes and offers storage space. hi girls.hello.

hey, you’ve done a great job! i’ve got something else for you too. an ingenious little touch: a pull-out drawer. brilliant!what a great idea! will you help me fit it under here?of course. thanks to the castors, the drawer can simply be pushed under the staggered shelf unit as a further clever storage option. and another idea: attach an aluminium round hole sheet to the shelf unit. the hooks on this can be used to hang up small items. the staggered shelf unit made from aluminium profiles from the logikaâ® system offers plenty of storage space for everything that was previously just lying around. one of many practical ideas from alferâ®!

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